NFC Genix Smart Ring
NFC Genix Smart Ring
NFC Genix Smart Ring

NFC Genix Smart Ring

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Take It Everywhere & Never Charge Your NFC Genix Smart Ring

The NFC Genix Smart Ring is equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology which allows your ring to communicate with your phone without ever needing to charge it, plus it's waterproof.

The NFC Genix Smart Ring:
Unlock Your Phone
Use the NFC Genix Ring to unlock and lock your cell phone.

Sharing Information
The NFC Genix Ring can be used to share information between devices.

Thought Leadership
Be the first person in your community to embrace a revolution in technology and fashion

How can I get the NFC Genix Smart Ring free?
Anybody Qualifies - We need 500 product testers from every corner of the globe to test the NFC Genix Smart ring before our larger official release.

Each unit is priced for $89.99, but for joining our community of product testers you can get them for free until we run out of units - we only made 500 of them.

All you have to do to join the product testing community of pioneering like minded people, is add the NFC Genix Smart Ring to your cart. This is a free item, however you will need to cover the cost of shipping to your country after completing your shipping information.

As this is a product community, we would love to get your feedback by providing a review.

Common Uses for the NFC Genix Smart Ring:
✅Locking/ Unlocking phone
✅Sharing Social Media profile
✅Sharing phone numbers
✅Automatic Destination in Maps
✅Exchanging Digital Business Card
✅Launch An App
✅Automatically Dial Contacts
✅Share Wifi Network
✅Run a Tasker Task
✅Carry Your Bitcoin Address
✅Share URLs
✅Setting Alarms
✅Set Your Phone To Mute

NFC Genix Smart Ring Sizing Chart: 

How To Use The NFC Genix Smart Ring?
There are so many exciting things that you can do with an NFC Genix Smart Ring. However, please watch our short demonstration video to learn it's functionality.

Do iPhones Work With The NFC Genix Smart Ring?
Currently, the Apple Store DOES NOT have any apps that can successfully write commands to the NFC Genix Smart Ring. If you are an iPhone user, you have a few options:

  • Use an Android Device to write commands to the NFC Genix Smart Ring
  • Use an External NFC Tag Writer to write commands to the NFC Genix Smart Ring
  • Hold on for a few months until we release our app during our official launch

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